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DDr. Marcel Lötscher, LL.M. MBA
Lawyer and Mediator
Burghaldenstrasse 22
CH-5400 Baden

Keeping the title of a lawyer without register entry

Only lawyers who wish to represent parties before court authorities are obliged to be entered in a cantonal register (Art. 6 BGFA). As a lawyer who is not registered in the cantonal register of lawyers and is not active in forensic matters, there is neither an application of the professional rules pursuant to Art. 12 BGFA nor a submission to disciplinary supervision pursuant to Art. 14 et seq. of the Federal Law Gazette. BGFA. For this reason, the corresponding cantonal law on lawyers does not apply. The cantonal attorney’s license and thus the basis for holding the title of attorney was awarded because the requirements of Article 8 paragraph 1a-c BGFA are fulfilled and the cantonal attorney’s examination was passed.


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